The final post?


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We have arrived, finally…..

After blood, sweat, and tears spent behind a computer screen, we have reached the last day of class, but this is not the final post.

To begin, I started my blog, with very (let’s say) elementary writing. I had been trained in social
media and PR professionally, but I never thought of writing as putting my own ideas down on to
something that others could read and interact with. At first although I was afraid to put my thought
down so openly, especially for the entire world to see, for so long I had been told what to write and
what to say, the feeling was a bit exhilarating. For the past few weeks, I have moved from
announcement type posts I used to favor (I’m a PR guy I mean) to a more conversational feel.
The216Artist has become a release where I can share fears, and good things all in a way that highlights
my writing.

With this, I will say that I am going to continue The216Artist, well after this class has concluded. It has become something exceptional, and prominent in my daily life. I have begun to think as The216Artist, and that’s the final post.

see you all soon



In the art world, we tend to hear this term a lot more than we should, Abstraction this, abstraction that, but does it really mean what we think it means? provides two wonderful descriptions as to what they think this word means:

1)the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances.
2) an impractical idea; something visionary and unrealistic.
But what does it actually mean?
To me every form of art is based around abstraction. Music, Fashion, and Art are based around this idea of a constantly revolving door of ideas and concepts that build upon each other. causing a constantly changing atmosphere that’s almost too hard to keep up with. but where does the bubble burst?
At what point in time do we hit a point where it reverses, and back to basics we go?
have we already reached this point, or are we on a constant downward “Abstraction” where we just keep creating new ideas each worse than the previous, but still better in their own way?
I’m truly not sure how it will go, but just as artists attempt to predict what the future holds, I share the same sentiment about these ideas. While part is weary, the rest is excited, to see how the future will great us, and how we, as young art enthusiasts can change the world.

A Voyage of Discovery

Notre Dame College Performing Arts is holding their annual Spring Concert on May 2, 2014 at 7:30pm in the campus’ Regina Auditorium. The show is free and open to the public, and all are encouraged to attend.

The concert will feature The Notre Dame College Concert Band and The Notre Dame College Choir, in addition to smaller instrumental and vocal ensembles, and is a culmination of an entire semester of work for over 100 students.

The night will be held in honor of Dr. Andrew P Roth, and his achievements during his time as President of Notre Dame College. The program, titled “A Voyage of Discovery”, aims to honor the legacy of Dr. Roth through several unique musical selections that pay homage to our past, present, and future under his leadership. The musical repertoire highlights selections ranging from Irving Berlin, to Elton John, to a piece arranged specifically for the voyage embarked upon by Dr. Roth.

The concert also serves as a farewell to Karita Ivancic, S.N.D., D. Min., the Director of Choral Music, who has taught at Notre Dame for over four decades. Sr. Karita ’71, is moving into a different set of roles within the college’s theology department beginning in Fall, 2014.

“The Performing Arts Department is excited to be involved in this monumental night for the college,” says William Neater, Director of Performing Arts, “Both Dr. Roth and Sr. Karita have come to embody the real potential of the college and its students. This night of honor is a small piece of our gratitude towards them.”


The Final Stretch


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It’s a well-known fact, that The216Artist is ran by a graduating senior in college (Oh? it isn’t, oh….well it is) but I’m excited and nervous to announce that starting today is my last week of senior year of college.

I understand this isn’t an arts post, but this is also an outlet for my creativity, allowing me an outlet, so here it is;


As a young professional entering the big scary world ( more specifically the big scary art world), I share a sentiment with many of my peers who are following this path with me. What should we do? Where do we go?

Last night as I lie in my pre-slumber, I had a beautiful realization, I am OK. Every single thing we (As college seniors) are worrying about is all part of a more complex situation, that we have not experienced yet, an understanding so close, yet still so far from our grasp.

But it’s all part of the process, a second puberty where instead of lone hairs and voice changes, its responsibilities and down payments. Growing-up should not change you, only improve you, and this is lost with many of my peers who see the change as a negative.

Everything is going to be alright (saying it for you, not me), so enjoy the coming weeks, a glorious capstone to end a great college career.




Sunday Thoughts


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As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon, I realized I have a confession to make…

Remember all of our formative years, in that scary place we all came to know and love, grade school, everyone was always so cliquey, and we tended to fall right where we belonged. The Jocks were with the jocks, the band kids much the same, and the artsy kids tended to hang out in tiny groups where Monet was more important than Madonna, But I always existed in a sort of limbo.

An art fanatic, who’s one true passion was basketball.

Although I never played past eighth grade, the thrill of the court left a lasting impression on my life. I was the one who idolized people such as Lebron James (pre-jersey burning) but still kept in touch with his creative bearing. With this divide, I had become eclectic being that strives to find this happy medium.

Basketball truly has taught me valuable lessons on how to treat other people, and the lust of competitions sweet trophy-laden honor, to help me become the person I am today.

If watching basketball is a crime, count me as acquitted.

So as i sit here on a Sunday evening, watching the playoffs, i ask you this; what is your guilty pleasure?


New Andy Warhol Art Found!


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New Andy Warhol Art Found!

Lost for over 3 decades, dusty floppy disks containing lost Andy Warhol art have finally been unleashed!

Late in his career (1980’s) Warhol, an avant guard at heart, decided to dip his feet into the newest form of art emerging at this time, the computer. With the remedial technology available, he created his own masterpieces.
Lost in the archives of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, these files have only recently been uncovered by curators.

With pieces ranging from the classic soup can (seen here) to self portraits and his interpretation of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” (the third eye is very ahead of its time if you ask me), the collection is a marvel of the mind of a man just trying to bring his vision to others through the newest technology.

Check out the whole collection at the Carnegie Lecture Hall on May 10 or join the conversation at


One Final Push….


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One Final Push....

It’s not secret we’re a big fan of Notre Dame College, specifically it’s Performing Arts, here(not saying any personal information) but let us make one final spiel for this weeks fundraiser because we’re very excited:

The Notre Dame College Department of Performing Arts is hosting its third annual dinner and raffle fundraiser from 6-11 p.m. on Friday, April 25th.

The event, held at Normandy Catering Center, 30310 Palisades Parkway in Wickliffe, Ohio, will include a premium basket raffle, a gift card tree, sideboard games, and many other giveaways. Multiple opportunities at great cash and prizes will be raffled throughout the night.

Tickets are $40 and include entrance to the event, dinner, desert and full open bar. All of the money raised from the event will go directly to students of the Performing Arts programs.

In addition, 100 exclusive pre-sale raffle tickets for a new 60-inch LED Smart television are available before the event.

“Music and arts programs are necessary in forming a well-rounded individual, and creating a truly special and unique collegiate experience,” said William Neater, Ed.D, Director of Performing Arts at Notre Dame. “This fundraiser is a great way to support an up-and-coming arts program in our local community.”

We could not agree more with the importance of music in the lives of students, especially in Cleveland. With programs being cut nationwide, we must take a stand, as we have in the past for our local arts programs. The building of a college performing arts program is a step towards creating cultural centers the artists of the 216 can gather at.

Tickets can be purchased and donation/sponsorship information can be obtained by contacting Bill Neater at 216-373-6399 or Information can also be found on the Raffle Dinner website at Payments accepted in form of cash, check or credit card.


Art for Everyone


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Art for Everyone

Have you ever wandered the halls of a museum, look at all the beautiful art that you could never own? Hell, even the art at 94% of gallaries is out of the price range of your average college student. Thankfully, has compiled a list of “20 Affordable Art Pieces For You Home Under $100”

Here at The216Artist, we believe art should be something everyone can enjoy.
Check out the article here for some great deals on beauty you can afford!!