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2014-02-19 16.47.09

Sometimes, a little push towards something new and exciting is all you need to discover a new passion. Last week, I took my roommate to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the first time. Arts were never really his forte, but since moving in, I have made attempts to change this. I told him to grab his camera and I would meet him down there after our classes, unwillingly he obliged.

As he arrives, still in disbelief that I was able to talk him into this, I approach with a friendly “are you ready?” We walk into the museums newest, and most upfront, exhibit Gallery One, and right then I witnessed a transformation firsthand. My roommates eyes puckered up, and immediately interested commented, “Ok, I think I could get used to this.” We examine the first few galleries, walking slowly, talking, and really absorbing as much of this atmosphere as possible, until we finally reach the new atrium.

As we enter the 39,000 square foot glass room, all of a sudden I see a change on his face. After the long, cold winter, this beautiful room, exhuming the spring smell of plants and new life, hits both of us with a rush we have not felt since the summer. The smells of plant life fill our noses with a passion for nostalgic times that we have missed in the winter. My roommate turns to me and comments at the vast space and how it is somewhere he would love to spend inflective times of solitude, a space made for life. This was the turning point.

With this new sensation within us, we explore the rest of the museum’s galleries, from contemporary to medieval, impressionism to ancient Egypt, and we spent the next few hours absorbing as much of the art work as we could, and we may or may not have taken a few #museumselfies.

With the intentions of helping a friend, I took a step to introduce someone to a passion of mine, but it ended up we both shared new experiences, and learned a lot. I attend museum and it’s events on a regular basis, but never with the perceptive eye of this day, the eye of helping a friend develop a new passion. He asked me to go back this weekend, just to experience this again, and I think my actions have instilled a new sense of creativity and aesthetic in a person who never thought of the arts as something drawing a desire within him.